Thursday, May 5, 2016

Fashion Business News: Perawan Launches a "Koleksi Jubah Muslimah 2016"

Perawan is back once more with more surprises! The Muslimah Vendor Boutique recently introduced it's new clothing collection, by Herdiva, which will be available to the public beginning June 21. The apparel line is focusing on muslimah garment and it is seriously incredible! Would you certainly expect anything much less from Perawan?

Perawan latest launch made our jaw dropped-- they are beautiful. Perawan is on to it's latest venture, as this time it is a muslimah clothing collection.

Perawan also launched a campaign video for Herdiva brand-new apparel line and it immediately gives us the cools. It's diversity throughout the collection is something modern and contemporary.

If there's anything that could give you the thrill, is it's magnificent e-commerce shop that you can go shopping online. The entire collection is so colourful and so chic. Especially it's "fesyen jubah terkini" collection.

The collection will be readily available at, beginning June 14, we seriously could not wait any time longer. The collection will include all muslimah garments from jubah to blouse, tunic, kurti, tudung and also shawl.

This is truthfully the best information we've ever listened to and we could not wait to SHOP the collection. What do you people consider this remarkable news?